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Hey, Look what’s here!

source Went out to do some family stuff today. When I arrived home the delivery man had left a couple boxes with a new Transmission cross member, cross member brackets and a tail shaft mount. It felt just like Christmas. I…
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Shhh, Keep it down

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young couch pussy With the headers finally installed, I needed to get the collectors welded on so I would not get pulled over for creating a disturbance. We all know we can’t drive around with open headers all the time creating noise pollution (as…
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On the Road…Finally!

young porn vidz With the brakes operational, the shock tower welded in and the new fuel tank, My ’55 Chevy Bel Air was running and ready for me to finally take a test drive! I started it up, put it in gear and…
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Car show, and swap meet So people in the know kept telling me that I must check out the Winter Autofest at Festival Park in Zephyrhills. Not only were there some amazing automobiles to see up for auction there, they also had auto racing and…
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Mr. Know-It-All (or so I think)

young boy fucks young girl porn Something I always like to have when working on my car is a little knowledge about what I am fixing. Now I’m not claiming to be a ’55 Chevy Belair expert, but with the help of the Chevrolet Passenger Car Shop…
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One thing leads to another! After charging the battery overnight on a trickle charger, I replaced the battery cable and tightened everything down, got in and the engine fired right up. So I procedeed to add some more tranny fluid, after the engine warmed up…
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