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Monthly Archive: October 2010

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From concept to reality

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natural redhead fucked Today I brought out the woodworking tools and attempted to turn my design into something real. I measured the cardboard template carefully and proceeded to cut the wood by the design. A lot of cutting and trimming and fitting and…
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A little lift here and…

source link Well, I re-evaluated the drive line/e-brake issue, seems that it may work like that after all (amazing what a good night’s rest will do). If there are still issues, I noticed online that there is an offset lever that is…
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Buckling down and moving along

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follow link Today was a productive one. I installed the tail light harnesses I received earlier in the week. I never thought I would have to “chisel” rubber grommets to get them out, but I guess after 55 years somethings are bound…
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It’s Friday so the dash is no longer holy

allanah starr masturbating in sosters footjob 301 I took a trip to Craig’s 56 Chevy yard today. I got the needed light socket that goes behind the instrument cluster and a dummy cigarette lighter to fill the hole that will be left in the dash when I…
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