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Bringing up the rear

a dry purse and a wett pussy don't match I took a ride to Craig’s 56 gold to get the tail pan and other two parts needed to fix the back side of the car. He had all 3 pieces I needed but when he held them up to…
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Stainless off, Body work on I finally got last bit of stainless off the car. It figures that the last piece I pull off was covering the biggest hole. At least now I know what I’m working with and where I should probably start body…
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No time like the present to finish the job

see Have to prime some bare metal parts that are way overdue. I finally got my interior window trim back from being sand blasted. But they have been sitting in the garage for a couple days. To avoid having to take…
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38th Annual Winter AutoFest in Zephyrhills

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source link It’s that time of year again! The Zephyrhills Winter Autofest has come to town. I always like to go on Thursday because the crowds seem to be a little smaller than the weekends. Not so today! When I arrived, the parking lot was…
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