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Bringing up the rear

I took a ride to Craig’s 56 gold to get the tail pan and other two parts needed to fix the back side of the car. He had all 3 pieces I needed but when he held them up to my car to show me how they went, he realized the tail pan piece was for a wagon. Guess I’ll have to wait until he gets another order in.
Meanwhile, one of the other reasons I drove up there was to see how he thought I should proceed with the rusted a-pillars. We drove to a couple places he knew of. The first place said they didn’t have a welder cool enough to do the work without burning through the metal. The second place sounded  dry confident that they could repair the posts without having to replace them. The only issue with them is i would have to get the windshield out first and they are over 30 minutes away. That means I would have to have it towed or trailered there, which means more $$.
Maybe there’s a shop locally that can do the same without the travel.