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Cleaning up the aftermath

The car certainly was a sight to see when it arrived home from the body shop. And I’m not talking about just the body work that was done. It was dirty and dusty all over the outside, in the engine compartment and even the interior. Bits of masking tape were left around the car, sand under the hood and in the trunk area and even a fender¬†bolt MISSING from under the hood! Speaking of the trunk area, when I opened up the trunk, what did my eyes see? The brand new windshield drain tubes that had been promised to be put in before and after the windshield was installed! There were also some small (not microscopic, but big enough to let light through) holes just under the windshield rubber that had started to get some surface rust on them which I will need to address real soon. Don’t need to go through this whole process again anytime soon!

After walking around and inspecting the car, I grabbed the power washer and cleaned up all the dust, dirt and debris left from the A-Pillar operation. I dried it off, took it for a spin and it felt good to have the car back once again.

While this was not a complete paint job, for being a paying customer, I don’t think it was too much to ask that the car be clean and presentable when delivered for customer pickup. I hope finishing this restoration is not as painful as it has been. At least I have some more¬†stuff to add to my list of things to do. This way I KNOW they will get done!