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May I get that door for you?

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source link The Zephyrhills Winter Autofest was in town again and since it was the first day, I decided to head up there to see if there was anything of use for my Chevy. Normally you can find stuff all weekend long but the good used parts may be gone by Saturday and even Sunday. So I made a Thursday trip just to be safe.

giving his favorite pornstar My ankle was still hurting from a couple weeks ago but I had to make the trip to see as this show only comes to town twice a year (February and November) and November was a long wait to get some more parts for the car.

both hands i want to upload something After almost seeing the whole swap meet, I happened upon two front doors for a 1955 Chevy 4-door sedan. The guy that I went with said “This is the best deal of the day for you Dave”.

Thinking that we could get them in the back of my car I went ahead and got them. When we got the doors to the car, it was another story. Luckily we saw a fellow car show cruiser from near where we live who had a pickup truck. He agreed to take them back for me and we were on our way. I called later at night and drove by to pick them up with a bigger car. Thank goodness for friends.