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Figures, couldn’t get through “this day” without something happening!

Well, finally after a long stay in the body shop I picked up My 55 Chevy Bel Air and drove it home. After sitting for about an hour in the driveway, I headed out for Cruise Night at the local DQ. I got about 1 mile down the road and the car coasts to a stop. I look at the gas gauge and it was pretty close to empty so I grab the spare gas can (I just happened to have) and poured it in the tank. I saved a little for the carb to prime it and cranked it up. Wouldn’t start. By now it’s getting dark and I can’t see what is going on so I call for a tow truck and after a while I’m on the way home. Guess we’ll find out more in the daylight. Chalk one up for Friday the 13th!