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It’s gotta be done sooner or later.

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spreading teen And since I set up a date to take the car back to the body shop, I made it sooner. I’m talking about the driver’s side door. I put the passenger door on last month and wanted to get this door on and have the glass back in before the trip to the shop. Don’t need all the dust and possible rain getting in the car while it sits there. Since I already switched out one door, this one didn’t seem like it would be too tough. I knew exactly how to remove the glass and take out the screws. After we got the door switched out, I proceeded to put the hardware back in and then the glass. Seems to be a bit of an issue with this door though. The other side went in fine and opens and closes like normal. This side is hard to open once it closes. Has to be an alignment issue, but what is out of alignment? Maybe the body shop can help adjust it.