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One more step completed

I got both the front rotors and caliper installed today. The second side was a lot easier to remove than the first side was. It helped that I saturated it with B’laster and let it soak overnight too. After removal of the old parts, I cleaned and inspected, packed the bearings (on of my most UN-favorite things to do by hand) assembled everything and torqued it all to specs. I fiddled around with the brake lines, but it was getting late and I didn’t want to mess anything up, so I put them off for later.


  1. Davesport (Post author)

    Thanks Bradley. I certainly hope others enjoy reading this as much as you…and as much as I am working on My ’55 Chevy Bel Air myself!

  2. Bradley

    nice job on the conversion. this is a pretty cool blog you have here, ill be sure to check back to see how the belairs coming. best of luck to you.

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