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Just a Little lift here and there

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The trouble with the design where the shock absorbers mounted in 1955 was this: One good bump and the shock would rip through the bottom of the trunk. Well this needed to be fixed.

Since I don’t have welding equipment in my garage, I had the car taken to a shop that can weld in the new shock tower mount I got from J&E Classic Chevy. The thing that makes this better than the replacements other places sell is that this tower mount can be welded to the frame so the shocks won’t rip through the floor of the trunk again. Works for me.

So when the shop pulled the gas tank to weld this in, they told me it looked as though the car had been sitting so long before I got it, the fuel in the tank turned to a black tar like substance. So J&E Classic Chevy came to the rescue again with a fuel tank and new sensor. Let’s see how this works out.