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click here Rather than shell out loads of money for new reproduction parts, I was directed to a guy who collects ’56 Chevys. He has a┬áplace that is almost like a bone-yard for old 56’s with a few 55’s and 57’s sprinkled about. I love walking around these places, it is so inspiring.

watch Most of the ’55 parts he had were either in too bad of shape or more money than I was willing to spend. I decided to get creative.

sexy than reading a book who dont Since I had some really lame towel bar type arm rests in My ’55 Chevy Bel Air and the original door panels with built in armrests were a bit pricey, I opted for the next best thing, ’56 Bel Air arm rests. He looked through all the ones he had and found me a pair that was decent enough to get. I also managed to find a small block oil pan that would fit my engine and a Hood Bird Ornament in decent shape, (only thing about it is that it is from a ’56) Anyway it was cheap and I’ll hold on to it until I paint the car and then decide. Finally, I am getting creative and making the Bel Air my own!