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All Chevy Car Show

With things seeming to be working right, I decided to take My ’55 Chevy BelAir to the 2010 All Chevy Car Show at University Chevrolet in Tampa today. I wasn’t expecting any trophy or prizes, just excited to my Chevy around other Chevy enthusiasts and their Chevys. And man were there a lot of them! So many of different years, colors and models. Some of the ones I was really impressed with were the rare classics. the kind you don’t see very often in the collector circuits.

Just being around these amazing machines gave me new inspiration to clean, repair and customize mine. I have started searching for parts and ideas on the internet. I am not much in the way of fabricating ideas, but I can envision them and usually see their way to becoming reality. I am the artist and my BelAir is my canvas. Some people may not like what they see, but in the end, I am the owner and driver, and what makes me happy is what matters most. But I certainly do hope looking at my ride will give others the same pleasure as I have scoping out other Classic cars.