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Better straighten up and fly right!

I used to love computers. Well, I kind of still do, but when it comes to cars, they really get on my nerves.

After changing the brakes and putting new tires on I did an eyeball alignment to make sure the tires don’t wear completely out before their time. I wanted to have a shop do a “true” wheel alignment, and after having checked numerous shops in my area (close to a dozen or more) I finally found one that didn’t use the line “We don’t have the specs for a ’55 alignment” on me.

Um, no specs? I thought one could find any information they wanted to on the Internet! Oh wait! It’s their fancy computerized wheel alignment machine that doesn’t have the specs.

Well, I finally made the right turn into Firestone. I had intentions of asking if they knew of a shop that they could direct me to a place that did older vehicle alignments and the manager, Dave told me his tech John not only could do the alignment, but the only one he would really trust with a classic like mine. So the search was over for this job. They got the car in, on the rack and aligned in about an hour. AND, their computerized machine even had the specs for a 1955 Chevy Bel Air!

Another task down, many more to go…..