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Might as well since it’s feeling blue

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source link Since My ’55 Chevy Bel Air isn’t running, I decided to do some more work to it in the down time. I took another ride to J&E’s and grabbed a few parts.

source link If the engine is going to come out, I am going to re-wire the whole car. So Ed hooked me up with an E-Z Wire harness and schematic to assist in the task. I also decided it was time to replace the radiator cap that was guarding the filler tube to my gas tank. I wanted (and still do) to find an after market one, but having troubles since most places catalogs do not go back 55 years. I managed to find a radiator cap for the Bel Air on Stant’s website. But oddly enough, they don’t have the gas caps!

source site Also, I figured now would be a good time to fix the emergency brake. Ed suggested I get the engine running before worrying about it stopping, but I pointed out that with no engine or tranny in it, what was going to keep it still. Good point! He happened to have the whole emergency brake setup so I grabbed that too. Since they (J&E) were on their way to a show out of town the next day, Ed told me, I’d have to stop back again when they returned for the other parts I need.

preview adult stories That’s fine with me, I should have enough to keep me busy for now.