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Bye Bye Miss American Pie, umm, make that 305

Well, my plan wasn’t to drive it into the ground, but it was to seek out problems and fix them. Today I found a biggie! The 305 engine I was wondering about only a couple weeks ago, took a turn for the worse.

I decided to go out for a drive, you know, check out the new steering wheel and all. One of the most scariest things I can think of when driving your car is that feeling when it slowly stops because the motor won’t run or a fairly loud knocking sound coming from the engine. This time, mine was the latter. About 5 orĀ 6 miles from home, a slight tick turned into a louder knock when I stopped for a light. Knowing that I might make it worse by driving it home, I pulled over and called for a tow truck. Again it was on a flatbed heading home.