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Slowly tearing it down

raven riley blowjob My '55 Chevy BelAir Blog > Body & Paint > Slowly tearing it down Disappointed about the engine noise, but this is what I wanted was a car to work on to say that I built it myself. So I proceeded to get into what exactly happened yesterday.

source To make it easier to have engine compartment access, I pulled the hood off. Much more light to work in now too!

go site Out came the alternator and belts. I loosened up the radiator and removed a couple of brackets. It’s clear to see now that someone did some fabricating as a lot of this stuff does not look factory or aftermarket! More like Billy Bubba’s Gaa-rahg did the work. At least when it goes back together, I know it will be done right. No duct tape, no zip ties, no fabricated pieces of angle iron, just factory or after market parts that “fit” and fit right!

go to site Still don’t know the source of the know. Will it have to be rebuilt? Will it have to be replaced? Not sure, but I’ll find out soon enough and let you know as well. H725849GE5YR