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The Culprit Rears It’s Ugly Head, I Mean Arm

get link My '55 Chevy BelAir Blog > Engine > The Culprit Rears It’s Ugly Head, I Mean Arm After being hit hard by a stomach virus all week, I finally felt well enough to head outside for some fresh air. Of course the yard work came first, but thenĀ I got back into what had made my engine go Knock. I picked up where I left off removing the A/C compressor, radiator, hoses and the valve cover on the side I heard the engine noise. As soon as the cover came off I spotted the problem! Definitely not what I thought or anticipated!


follow link Did you see it? For a closer look check this out:

A broken rocker arm. Man do those things make some noise when they break! I only managed to find that one small piece next to it when I removed the valve cover. Not sure if the other pieces fell out or down into the block somewhere. When I pulled the push rod out and checked it, it seemed to still be straight.

At this point, I found out what happened and now I have some decisions and more work ahead. Nothing else done today, didn’t want to over do it my first day back.

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