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source url Today was a productive one. I finally pulled out the A/C unit under the dash and the rest of the hoses in the engine compartment. It’s starting to look a bit roomier in there. There were a couple surprises found there too. When I pulled the thermostat housing, not only was there gobs of silicone around it, but there was only HALF a thermostat inside! Why I couldn’t tell you, but I remedied that. Also, the PCV valve was melted and had a hole in the top by the hose (no doubt causing a leak), so I replaced that as well. I fired up the compressor and grabbed the wire brush attachment, besides getting rid of some rust, that coral (or pink) paint all over the engine parts is going. Sorry, but it’s just not my color. I still have not decided if I will paint the engine compartment the same color as the outside of the car, or just go basic black. It really just bugs me when you have some nice metal that has been painted over by someone, when really just a little TLC could have made it look so much nicer.

sexy porn star plays lover on the most beautiful striptease Instead of opting for the shiny (and expensive) gleam of chrome, I thought I would try a can of that chrome looking paint. I know some of you will say “How Cheesy” but I tell you, I layed a few coats on the thermostat housing and it looked pretty close to chrome. So that will work for now. I’ll be checking into some rocker arms this week and hopefully My ’55 Chevy Bel Air will be up and running again soon.

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