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Chasing Parts On A Rainy Day

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enter Since it was raining today, I decided to get the last of the parts I needed to get My ’55 Chevy Bel Air up and running. I already had my PCV valve, but the grommet from the old cover was dry and brittle so I got one of those. I found a breather that fit the valve cover just right too, so that was taken care of. And with the headers now, I wanted to have something other than zip ties holding my plug wires up and away so I managed to find some silicone wire separators that should be able to withstand high temps. Unlike the plastic ones that are out there.

abigail mandler porn blowjob The one part I was having difficulty finding was a bottom radiator hose. See when you go from a 1980 Camaro engine to a 1955 Bel Air radiator setup, you just cant say I need a radiator hose for a ’55 Bel Air or an ’80 Camaro. I must have checked every parts place in town trying to find a fitted hose. Apparently, whoever installed the old one must have fabricated one they purchased. It even had a Napa label on it, but was too faded and worn to tell which one it was. So I ended up getting a flex hose. It was too long because it was kinking so i took it back and got a shorter one. That one kinked too. Finally I got the shortest one they had and it was still a bit too long so I trimmed a small bit off of it (less than an inch) and voila, I had my bottom radiator hose!