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Bubba-Joe Engineering Makes More Work

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http://mustafamovie.com/porn/yellow-plump-pussy-tumblt Always keeping safety in mind, I got some new seat belts. I went with a retractable one because as you can see, the knot methodĀ for taking up slack didn’t go over well with me.

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http://ancestorscalling.com/porn/best-technique-thick-girlfriend While removing the old belt and installing the new, I encountered something which struck me as quite odd. Take a look at this picture below:


Did you catch that red arrow? Yes, that was what I found strange. Why you may ask? Well, when I went to put the new bolt and washers in I noticed why they cut that washer. It was because part of the frame was in the way and the washer would not have fit properly.

Now call me Mr. Sensible, but if the washer did not fit because the frame was in the way, wouldn’t it make more sense to say, drill the hole maybe a half an inch or so to the right? Well that’s what I was thinking. And I did that by the way too. Here’s the retractable belt installed: