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Beat it Pinky!

After trying unsuccessfully 2 or 3 times before, I was minutes away from having the grill bead blasted so I could polish it up later. I talked with the guys that stripped my hood hinges and they suggested I try the paint store for something stronger. After calling the paint supply store, they told me the Aircraft Paint Remover was the stronger stuff there was.

The secret to getting a good strip job was to hit it when the stripper was still moist and working. I was leaving it to dry which allowed it to not work as efficiently. So I tried this one more time. I brushed the stripper on really thick and after about 30 minutes I hit it with the pressure washer. To my surprise, the paint was just falling off!

How pleased I was. This time it worked and the bulk of the pink paint was finally gone! After finishing the wash and then blow drying with an air hose, I wire brushed the rest, masked off the chrome I didn’t want to get overspray on and painted the front grill from the back and bottom. It looks so much nicer now. Pictures coming soon….