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Kick it Down

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follow url With the shifter conversion out of the way, I decided to tackle the next project. The transmission kick down cable installation.

get link I actually had the car for a couple of weeks before I realized what the loose cable under the hood was. You see, driving manual transmissions my whole life, I wasn’t very familiar with automatics. After figuring out what this cable was, I got a replacement one that matched the throttle cable for easy installation.

get link But easy it wasn’t going to be, or should I say simple? I put the car up on ramps and proceeded to pull the old cable out. What I didn’t realize was that I had to remove the transmission pan to get the cable out. So the pan came off, the filter serviced and the cable hooked up. The instructions that came with the cable were very simple and easy to understand. The cable installed without any major issues and now I can kick it down a gear when I need to pass someone just by stepping on the throttle. Love it!