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Someone Flipped Me the Bird!

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tease a man with a threesome And I thought that was very cool of them. The only real piece of trim missing from My 55 Chevy Bel Air when I got it was the centerpiece of attention. The Chevy Hood Bird. One of the benefits I have found of going to car cruise nights and car shows is meeting people with the same interests or knowledge of the cars and parts. One fellow I happen to meet has a 1955 Chevy but his is a 210 not a Bel Air. He happen to notice the bareness of my hood and mentioned he had a bird at home. He told me it wasn’t in the best of shape, but it at least was a Hood Bird. After missing each other for a couple of weeks, we finally caught up and he flipped me the bird. Thanks Doug! The bird was missing it’s nuts so I drove over to the local hardware store and picked up some locking ones that fit. The nuts were paired with some washers at home and ready to be installed. The holes of course were all filled in from the previous owner, but I could see the patched holes from underneath the hood. I measured the studs under the bird, selected the correct drill bit and proceeded to re-open the holes. It took some work, (had to shave the bondo down where they built up the ridge on the hood) but I finally got it mounted and must say, it adds a bit of distinction to the car now.

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