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Parts, parts, parts, again

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One more trip to get another pair of arm rests to replace the ones I got last week that were broken. When I got there, I told the owner what happened and he swapped out the broken ones for another pair, Cool! I was worried I would have to buy more. So the money  I saved on the arm rests went to original window cranks, wiper escutcheons, a wiper cable to replace the choke cable that the previous owners were using to operate the windshield wipers, the knob to go with the cable and a headlight switch since I am going to rewire the car it only makes sense to replace this switch (which is kind of touchy now anyway).

These should keep me busy for a little while now. Getting down to the rewiring part, but the temps are rising outside as well. I have a feeling the heat may win out…for now.