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Awww man

Today I installed the door latches on the inside. After polishing them up, it looks so much nicer inside. More original. I took apart and cleaned the arm rests too. These ones were so much dirtier than the last ones.

After cleaning the armrest bases and upon further inspection, I noticed that they were broken in an area that was crucial to the mounting of them. I will have to head back to the bone yard for another pair. It’s such a pain to have to drive long drives to get the parts I need,¬† but at least I’m saving serious money by doing this all myself!

I’ve already got he vinyl to cover them and the paint to paint the plastic bases so I’m good for now. This really is so much fun to do! I know I got this for a project car, but I can hardly wait until it is finished¬†and I can cruise it all over.