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Keep Blog Readers Here Up To Date

I’ve gotten a few emails in the past couple weeks asking why I haven’t posted. I feel I should give an explanation to the faithful readers who have been following this blog. If you have been counting the days until my next post (ha ha) thanks. Sorry I haven’t posted too much. Actually I have, I just haven’t publicly published them. To be honest,  for those who don’t live in the heat blasted parts of the country, I’ve been a bit lazy as it has been too damn hot for me! You know the old saying, “I couldn’t stand the heat, so I got out of the garage!”

Believe me, those that have been faithfully my posts and feeling a little deprived lately, I feel your pain. I can’t wait until the heat subsides so I can get back out there and continue working on My ’55 Chevy Bel Air. I think I am ready to tackle the re-wiring of the car, at least I was until it got too hot. But when it starts to cool off, I’ll be out there cranking out some work.

I encourage those who have not already, to subscribe to my RSS feed (see upper right hand corner of this page) to keep up with my posts when they continue.

Thanks again and stay COOL this Summer!

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    Do you have a email I can send you some questions at? The one posted on here says its no good.

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