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To Protect and Serve? My '55 Chevy BelAir Blog > Road Trips > To Protect and Serve? Back on the road heading toward a high school friend’s place. Just a half mile or less we encounter this extremely wide load escorted by the Arizona Highway Patrol. The mini convoy was going no faster than 5 mph! We’re already behind schedule so when we get to the junction in the road I pull alongside of the highway patrol car and ask the deputy if it’s possible we can just slide by while they are plenty of sex stopped waiting to turn left. He says “No!” I am pissed. He expected me to follow this wide load for over 25 miles at 5 mph when he could have just simply let us by. Well since that didn’t fly, I made a U-turn and proceeded to head back in town to find an alternate route. No sooner than I had the car 180 degrees in the opposite direction, the Border Patrol pulls us over. He comes up and starts questioning my citizenship because I turned back from a checkpoint. After the confusion cleared up, he told me which was the fastest and less traveled way to get out of town. A few minutes later we are on the road and ready to beat the wide load to the next intersection 25 plus miles away….

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