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Watch out for Wile E. Coyote

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http://johanstellerphotography.com/porn/paulraymond-babes-natalia-teen-guys-and-no-money-no-problem Next stop was Phoenix to visit family. It was an uneventful drive there with the exception of a Rock Radio station in Tucson we were listening to that was off the air for over 5 minutes! Apparently someone stepped out for a smoke and forgot the song ended 2 1/2 minutes ago! The terrain and landscape in Arizona is very different in the Southwest Desert. For instance, the route we took through New Mexico had a lot of Yucca plants and I noticed no Saguaro’s. It was like magic when crossing the Arizona border it seemed there were Saguaro Cacti everywhere like these we saw headed up South Mountain in South Phoenix. It it very scenic there. I recommend the drive up if you make it to The Valley. Next stop California!