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Gettin My Kicks My '55 Chevy BelAir Blog > Car Show > Gettin My Kicks  Now comes the part of the trip I was excited about! Historic Route 66! Being an classic car buff and into history too, this was going to be really cool. The first Route 66 site I saw was the Summit Inn. Each and every one of these places is so rich in history, it would take a whole separate trip to cover it all.

taiwan pussy porn It was getting late in the day had we were burning daylight, but when I saw this, I had to stop.

click The bad part about it was the museum closed at 4 pm and we rolled up on it about 4:15 pm. I did catch these two historic artifacts outside the museum:

From what I saw through the window of the museum, I am already for another trip back this way to travel this historic road known as “The Mother Road”