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Finding possible problems

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amatuer black anal creampie First thing this morning, I went to get the car titled in my name. As usual, the DMV took the expected long time, but I finally got the title in my name. For an extra $10 the DMV offered to give it to me the same day. WTF? If they could give it to me the same day, why the hell didn’t they just do that and skip charging people ten bucks extra? After the DMV visit, I went back to the auto parts store to get my two extra spark plugs I didn’t get the night before. I also decided instead of using feeler gauges (because I couldn’t find my plug gapping tool) that I would buy another. I got my stuff and headed home.

After I got the plugs installed, I tried to fire up the engine to give a listen. Whoa! The battery wouldn’t crank it over. So back to the parts store I went to have the battery checked. I also figured sine I was there, I’d replace the battery cable which was frayed, which could have caused the battery to not charge properly.

Before I went, I pulled a cracked hose that went to the transmission cooling line. It was spitting out transmisson fluid so I needed to replace that. While searching for the leak, I reached up under the car and felt what I thought was the source of the leak. What is actually was, was a brake line rubbing on one of the engine pulleys and almost worn all the way through. Something else on the to do list.

So at the parts store I got the battery checked. It was so discharged, the guy told me they couldn’t determine that state of the battery. So I took it home and put it on the charger.

I got the hose on and put some transmission fluid in the tranny. Have to wait til the battery is charged to see if it will start.