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follow link This is another don’t miss attraction on my list. Just west of Amarillo, Texas is Cadillac Ranch. It’s not a real ranch but more of a artistic expression created by members of the art group Ant Farm back in 1974.  I first saw this in 1990 on a trip across country. Back then all the cars were painted pink. In 1997 they moved the cars 2 miles west as Amarillo was a fast growing city.

tight black mamas hood xxx As you can see people are free to express their artistic freedom, and the best part is they even put a dumpster for people to throw their empties on the way out.

Oh, but I guess that is asking to much out of the visitors. Instead of throwing empty spray cans in the dumpster, the delinquents paint the dumpster and then throw the cans here. Painting graffiti on the cars is one thing, but to be so f’in lazy you can’t put trash in it’s proper place, well that is just sad. Whether you agree with me or not, I have no respect for idiots who disrespect yours, mine and even their environment.