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Gathering parts

The engine was running a bit rough so I decided to investigate. Since the engine didn’t have an cleaner I started with that. The one I purchased was too big (it was touching the distributor) so I returned it for a smaller one. That one worked out fine.

Next I went on to checking the spark plugs. I pulled one out and was it black and crusty. So I added spark plugs to my shopping list along with some shop supplies.

At the parts store, the guy asked me what size engine it was. All I know so far is that is a small block V-8. I brought one of the old plugs for him to match and he grabbed a couple boxes for me. Man, prices sure aren’t like they were when I had my ’67 Chevelle Super Sport! So home I go to change the plugs. I got one side done and when I started the other side, I’m looking for two spark plugs that seemed to be missing. I checked the receipt and sure enough, I paid for 8. Apparently the parts guy must have thought a V-8 engine only took 6 spark plugs, lol. Since the store was already closed, I was done for the night.