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Man this car should fly now!

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fat real blowjobs With all the added horsepower from the new speedometer. OK, you got me. It’s not new, but it sure looks pretty close to it. The way I saw it was I could pay a few hundred dollars (the chrome bezel alone was about $180) for a new one or recondition the one I have. I opted for the latter. Not only did I save major bucks on this part of the project, but I got great satisfaction out of doing all this myself. I just wish I took a before picture to show you all how it looked then. But take a look now. Not bad huh? Well at least I think so.

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Now that I know even the smallest parts are available, I may do a whole lot more of this. I only intended to wire under the dash, but when I actually looked real close I figured I might as well clean things up since it is apart. No sense doing a job twice (or half-assed)

Just a few more parts and the new wiring should be going back in. I’ll keep you posted!