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The sound of music

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source site Cruisin’ in a classic car is fun, but let’s face it, without tunes, it can get a little boring listening to the hum of the engine.

see url With all the parts I have laying around, I decided to piece together a sound system. The only thing I was undecided about was where to mount the radio. On one hand I wanted to put it where a radio normally goes but that would require cutting the dash. On the other hand if Imounted it securely under the dash, I could preserve the original look of the car and still have tunes. I went for the under dash mount.

click The only other thing I needed was a way to mount the front speakers. Luckily I found a place online that makes durable plastic kick panels especially for 55 Chevys so the speakers can be mounted and still let the air flow.

chick likes rod in anal porn The only issue I had installing them was the heater assembly. Apparently, someone before me had installed a different heater assembly (square one) under the dash so I had to remove it to get the kick panel to fit properly. Hey who needs heat in Florida? Other than that they fit in as they were meant to and I was in business, and able to cruise in style.