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So today I wanted to do a bit of dressing up on the inside of the car. Sometimes it gets a bit dark at some of the shows so I decided to put in some under dash lighting to help brighten up the interior a bit.

I got a really neat set of neons and wired them up to a toggle switch. While trying to figure a good place for the lights, I started hearing a crackling sound and smelled something strange. I sat up and noticed the switch was hanging down and lightly touched the gas pedal (which is aluminum) causing some electrical friction between the two parts. Hey, I never claimed to be a good friend of electricity.

Well I separated those two and everyone was happy again. I finished up with the switch and lights and cleaned up. Grabbing the keys I jumped in to start up My 55 Chevy Bel Air and when I went to pump the gas pedal a couple times, whoop! The pedal felt really soft. I looked down and noticed it went right to the floor.

Upon further inspection, I realized what the sparking was. When the switched touched the gas pedal, it in turn melted the stainless steel throttle cable, Doh! So much for cruising tonight, now I’ll have to see if someone has just the cable as I see no need in getting a whole new assembly.

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