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Getting in Line

source link My '55 Chevy BelAir Blog > Creativity > Getting in Line So I got a replacement throttle cable and while I was in the parts store I picked up an Edelbrock steel fuel line to help streamline the engine compartment even more. I had a clear fuel filter (the kind with replaceable filters inside) that had been kicking around for a while so I decided to use that as well.

enter site First the throttle cable. Much easier this time since all I needed to do was fit the inner part. Done.

follow link Next the fuel line. Seemed to be going good. I got the parts on and started up the car. Right away I started to smell gas. I jumped out and looked under the hood. Fuel was “spraying” from the side of the carb. I shut it down, pulled things apart, checked to make sure the gasket/washer was seated right and reassembled. When I started it up again, no fuel leaks! We’re in business.