My '55 Chevy BelAir Blog From One Chevy Tri-Five Enthusiast To Another! Finally after almost a year of taking it out, I decided to put the fan shroud back in. Not that I was having cooling issues, but it should help to cool the engine even more now. So many people looked under the hood and kept telling me, “you really should have a fan shroud.” I knew that, which is why I carried the fan shroud in the trunk all year. I thought it would motivate me to get it done. Well, finally it did.

watch After taking care of My 55 Chevy Bel Air’s needs, I turned to the tools that helped me. Over time, my tool box got a bit messy and unorganized, so I figured I would give it some attention as well. I thinned out some of the crap that had accumulated over the years, reorganized the tools and finished up by cleaning and waxing the tool box. I’ve had this tool box for a long time and needed to get back to how it was when I worked at the dealership garage. I think I’m set for another 20 years now *grin*