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japanese milf videos I happened to be walking through the parts store one night and noticed they had a clearance table set up, so I went over to browse. The usual stuff there, air fresheners, additives, etc. After digging down a layer, I noticed some Grant steering wheel adapter kits. At first I thought they may have been dropped there by mistake but when I asked the parts clerk, he said, “yes, that’s the correct price.” Well, cool because I needed a small piece inside the kit and didn’t want to spend $20 for the whole kit, so I ended up getting the whole thing for a whopping $.83! What a deal! Armed with the steering wheel kit, I tackled the horn issue (it would intermittently¬†honk by itself). I pulled the wheel, removed the adapter and replaced the very small part inside that let the horn have it’s way. Reassembled, hooked up the wires and the horn is back under control. Move it or I honk at you!