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source link I cannot believed I waited so long, but I finally did it. For years I have hear about and seen the Rain-X commercials but I finally got some to try out. The wipers work fine on my ’55 Chevy Bel Air but until I get another cable to turn them on from inside the car and not from under the hood I wanted to try something additional.

t fal 12 pc copper bottom I got a bottle of Rain-X from a local auto parts place and cleaned my windshield and applied as the directions stated. I wasn’t┬áplanning to drive in the rain but just in case…

go to site And boy did just in case come in handy. I drove to a cruise night about 40 minutes from my house. After being there for only a half an hour, it started to pour! After waiting out the heavy stuff, I decided to head home. It was only sprinkling but man did that stuff work great! The rain beaded up and just rolled off the windshield. As I stated before, I don’t suggest driving without your windshield wipers on, but in the case where it is just barely raining, this stuff works great. Another good thing, my daily driver’s wiper blades are getting a bit worn and with an application of this stuff on the windshield, the smearing was gone too. Better late than never….