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http://johanstellerphotography.com The engine was still running a bit rough so one of the guys at a car cruise I go to suggested we get together and check it out. When I got there, he hooked up his tach/dwell meter and we started to check out the firing part of the issue. After working on it for a bit, we made out way to the carburetor where a pretty good sized vacuum leak made itself apparent. After a trip to Napa, we replaced the carb gaskets. They did not have any EGR valve gaskets so he just put some sealer on it temporarily until I can get some gasket material to make one.

After it was all cleaned up and bolted back down, I took it for a little spin around the block. Man, it sure is spinning again! While it does seem to be running a bit better, there still seems to be something not quite right to me. But then, I’m always looking to improve things a bit.