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Saturday Night drive to Lakeland

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follow link With not much going on show-wise in my area, I decided to take a short road trip a little east of me to Lakeland. I heard of a good show going on there so I hopped in the ’55 and set out for a fun Saturday night cruise. 

It took me a while to get there, because this was the furthest I’ve driven the car since I’ve had it. I finally get about less than five minutes away and what do you know, it starts to rain. Nothing I dislike more than driving a Classic 55 Chevy in the rain. Granted it is still in mostly primer, it’s just not the type of car I prefer driving in wet weather. So when I get to the restaurant that is having the car show, everyone is inside eating because the rain has driven most of the cruisers away.

I stayed for a little bit, talking with other people and mentioned that since I drove nearly an hour that I wanted to make the drive worth my while. When I asked if there were any other shows going on, someone mentioned one at Rita’s Ice on the other end of town. So I headed up there and was glad I made the trek. It wasn’t a big Cruise-in but it certainly made the drive worthwhile. I will certainly make an effort to get back out to one of their cruise-ins again.