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watch I called up a friend Phil today to ask the easiest way to remove the 56 year old trim with out ruining it and he told me to bring it on over and he would help.

click I grabbed a few tools and headed over to do some work. we started on the back window trim and continued on by finishing up both sides. We had to remove the rear quarter glass to get the stainless trim of the outside. The screws holding them on were so rusty (again) that I’m glad I brought my my dremel grinder. That handy little tool was able to grind down the rusted screws and the trim popped right off.

breasty in stockings Speaking of popping, the small windows in the back just popped right back in too. The seals were still intact so they are able to stay in the car for now. The rear window seal however, the rubber was so old and dry and hard that I didn’t dare and do anything to it because I didn’t want my window falling out on the way home.

Now that the majority of the  trim is off, I can see where the trouble spots are and know where my work lies ahead of me. Just need to get the paint off, clean the rust off and then figure out how to patch those holes.