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38th Annual Winter AutoFest in Zephyrhills

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source site It’s that time of year again! The Zephyrhills Winter Autofest has come to town. I always like to go on Thursday because the crowds seem to be a little smaller than the weekends. Not so today! When I arrived, the parking lot was starting to get quite full. I’d say there were twice as many people as when the show was here in November. I’m sure some would say it was because the Winter Visitors from up North were here. No worries.

dominatrix porn pictures As soon as I pulled up and got out of my car, a woman and her husband next to me started talking to me and before you know it, my legs were so itchy! I looked down and could not believe I stepped out of the car and right into a very large ant hill. OUCH!

source site After cleaning my shoes and feet off, I proceeded inside the gates and started to look around. I didn’t see much that interested me in the way of parts, so I went to check out the vintage racing and then looked around at the cars up for auction. I did happen to catch sight of some stainless steel window vent visors that I have been searching for for quite some time. It just so happens they were for a 55 4-door too! The price was a bit steep for me and the guy wanted to wait until Sunday to make any deals. Luckily I caught him right when he was packing up for the day and he was in a better mood, so we struck a deal! I was happy I finally found the long sought after window visors and he was happy he made a little money. By the end of the day, I left feeling that this year’s show wasn’t as interesting to me as previous shows. Was it because I didn’t need much in the way of parts? That I didn’t have much money to spend? Or because the ants bit my legs up and the day started out a little painful? Regardless, I had a good time and still look forward to next year’s show.

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