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kayden kross handjob cumshot From One Chevy Tri-Five Enthusiast To Another!

Cleaning from the inside out

an a-list daughter makes her xxx debut Today I tackled one of the doors I recently got at the Zephyrhills Winter Autofest. By tackle, I mean scraping out the undercoating from inside the door. I was cracking and chipping so I grabbed a scraper and went at…
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The Rear Window Is Going Back In

good pussy song The roof, rear quarters and deck lick are finally primed and ready for paint. Now when I find doors and fenders, I’ll be that much closer to getting the car painted. (Still no word on what color it will be….
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Getting The Tail Pan On

source site I drove the Chevy to Ricks Body shop to finally have the rusty tail pan section replaced. I like the other jobs I have seen come out of this shop so I decided to go with them. Hope it get…
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