My '55 Chevy BelAir Blog

kayden kross handjob cumshot From One Chevy Tri-Five Enthusiast To Another!

Updated Interior

enter With the new gauges installed and the steering wheel back in place, I thought I would post a pic of how the completed wiring/dash project went. I’m still undecided about what the final color of the car will be, so…
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It’s Friday so the dash is no longer holy

an a-list daughter makes her xxx debut I took a trip to Craig’s 56 Chevy yard today. I got the needed light socket that goes behind the instrument cluster and a dummy cigarette lighter to fill the hole that will be left in the dash when I…
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Back to work…sorta

good pussy song It’s still too hot for me to get out in the garage and do anything big on the ’55. I did manage to get the sun visors and rear arm rests painted and recovered. I cranked up a fan and proceeded…
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Caddies galore, well at least 10

porno casting milf This is another don’t miss attraction on my list. Just west of Amarillo, Texas is Cadillac Ranch. It’s not a real ranch but more of a artistic expression created by members of the art group Ant Farm back in 1974. …
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Old Parts, New Life

source site Rather than shell out loads of money for new reproduction parts, I was directed to a guy who collects ’56 Chevys. He has a place that is almost like a bone-yard for old 56’s with a few 55’s and 57’s sprinkled…
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