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Turning With Some Wood

So with some more free  time on my weekend, I tackled the steering wheel replacement. The pink late model Chevy steering wheel had to go. The wooden steering wheel will look a whole lot better! 

I started by pulling the old wheel off. For some reason though, I had problems with the bolts grabbing the wheel to pull it. They kept slipping out after several turns. Finally, I wrenched the bolts way down in and the old wheel popped off.

While the wheel was off, I grabbed a sander and sanded the old steering collar and painted it black. After it was dry, I started to assemble everything with the new mounting kit. (The people that right up these diagrams need to be a little more detailed with left, right, up and down.) So, after everything was all assembled, I did a little spin test to see how it worked. It was binding up on the column and even scraped some paint off. So I pulled it all apart, repainted the scrapes and grabbed a Dremel tool to trim the top down just a bit.

Reassembly was easier the second time. As you can see the wheel and mounting kit worked out just fine. Getting dark soon, think I’ll take it for a spin tomorrow.


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