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My ’55 Chevy’s Getting Horny

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click Finally! Today I got tired of looking at the small hole the previous owners had put in the lower left part of the dash, near the door. To be more specific, the push button they used for the horn. I never could figure out why they just never hooked it up the right way, but then, why did they do have the crap they did anyway? The only reason I could up with that they would ruin a perfectly good dash was that they were too lazy to wire it up through the pink steering wheel they had put in there that I replaced. (See March 20th post, source link Turning with Some Wood)

get link So as the story goes, I grabbed my handy dandy 1955 Passenger Factory Assembly Instruction manual and looked up the wiring diagram. That’s one of the things I love about older cars, the simplicity of  them. I located the correct wire under the dash, traced the route it went, and Voila, I have a horn that works from the steering wheel, as it did from the factory.

As for the hole in the dash, I got a chrome hole plug and popped it in the hole for now. Haven’t decided on how I will fix it, but for now, there’s some nice chrome on the dash!